S02 Ep07: Orbiting

Orbiting Episode Summary

Whether you call it orbiting or haunting, nobody likes the post-ghost phenomenon of maintaining a social media presence in your life. Whether they’re watching your Instagram or Snapchat stories, liking or commenting on posts or tweets, or more, it can be baffling, frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking. Sarah and Adam break down the whys, the whos, and the ways to deal with the orbiting haunters in your life. 

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Season Two Episode Seven

Host Thoughts on Orbiting

Orbiting is just plain annoying. If someone is doing it to you, block them and move on. If you’re doing it to someone else, catch yourself doing it and try to stop. The best thing you can do when social media is getting you down…is to get off of it! 

You have the ultimate control in this situation. If you let it bother you, delete and block. Or, just understand that it doesn’t matter who’s hovering over your virtual shoulder looking at the shit you’re posting, and just post away regardless of who’s watching. Be true to yourself and stop worrying about other people and you’ll be just fine.

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