S02 Ep11: Not Today, Babies! The Birth Control Episode

Birth Control Episode Summary:

What an exciting new episode! Adam and Sarah debut their new intro song (thanks to Crafty McVillain!), a new segment (tentatively called Gorilla On The Street), and talk about birth control. From IUDs to little magical rings that teleport the sperm away (it’ll make sense when you listen), your hosts talk about all the things to think about when you’re having sex. Wrapping it up, sticking it in, pulling it out – whatever you’re going to do, Dating Kinda Sucks covers them all.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode 11

Host Thoughts on "Not Today, Babies!"

Do yourself a favor and tell your doctor to fuck off if he or she says that they can’t provide you the birth control option you want because you’re single or of “child bearing age.” Be better than me and walk the hell out of that office and find a new doctor. 

I wish I was strong enough at the time to tell that doctor to suck it! Regardless, birth control is important whether single or in a relationship and I believe everyone should make an informed decision on what will work best for them. 

Don’t rely on the pull out method…and if you do, don’t chug a bunch of mimosas and hope the pregnancy magically disappears (clearly I’m no role model). 

As I said, I wish male birth control was a thing. I’d gladly take a daily pill, get an arm injection, or whatever else in order to avoid the risk of pregnancy. I’m basically a big child – I don’t need to have a kid of my own, okay? 

Thanks again to Crafty McVillain for putting my lyrics to music for our new theme song – I’m so thrilled that everyone finally gets to listen to it!

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