S02E19: Are Men Trash? And Other Important Questions.

Are Men Trash Episode Summary:

With Sarah gallivanting around France, Adam hijacks the entire hour to talk about some of the stupid shit men do when it comes to dating, answer some listener questions, and offer maybe a little bit of hope for women looking for decent men out there. Also, Adam genuinely appreciates Sarah’s audio editing skills as he edited this episode himself poorly and thinks it sounds awful. Sarah’s back next week, so don’t despair, DKSers!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode Nineteen

Host Thoughts on Are Men Trash?

I’m sorry that the audio was a little too quiet and sounded weird. Sarah’s an outstanding audio engineer and I give her kudos for the work she does on every episode. Otherwise, I enjoyed talking for an hour, but much prefer my cohost to be there too! No more vacations, Sarah!

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