S02E45: Destigmatizing the Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Episode Summary:

The “walk of shame” is nothing more than a way for men and women to be subjected to a double standard for their sexual exploits. Why should women be shamed and men be praised for getting laid? Adam and Sarah talk about all of the reasons to strike this phrase from our collective vocabularies and start treating men and women equally when it comes to bangtown. Also in this episode an excerpt from Adam’s interview with his ex Tinkerbell, an Orlando DKS meetup on Friday, 12/20 (at 7:30, not 7 as Adam said on air), and more. Starting this week as well, our Patreon sponsors get access to a new bonus mini-episode every single week – available for $5 a month!
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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Forty-Five

Host Thoughts on The Walk of Shame

Let’s raise our heels high and praise the walk home! Why be shamed that you had a fun night and stayed out late? Exactly, you shouldn’t feel shame about it. Whether you had sex or just got drunk and are extremely hungover leaving someone’s place, there is no shame in having fun and walking home looking like a hot mess. So what, you had sex? The people that would shame you are obviously jealous they didn’t get good dick or as Adam calls it, GED (good enough dick). 

There’s no reason to feel shame for having fun with someone and going home the next morning. None. What started out as a way to shame women in college who stayed over at frat houses has seeped into our vernacular, and the only shame we should feel is the fact that we’re still using such an outdated and misogynistic phrase.

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