S03E01: Dating Resolutions

Dating Resolutions Episode Summary:

Your favorite dating podcast is back with season 3! In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about what happened after the live meetup in December (strip clubs, hookups, and hangovers) and then it’s time to talk about resolutions! Even though you don’t need a new year to make changes in your life, both hosts have some personal goals in relation to sex, dating and relationships, and some ideal resolutions that everyone should follow in their own lives, whether you’re single, partnered or otherwise. What resolutions did you make and were any of them about giving fewer blowjobs? 
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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode One

Host Thoughts on Dating Resolutions

Welcome 2020! Like I’ve said in the past “your mouth matters” and that phrase is really going to carry more weight this year as I hold out longer when dating guys and continue to date with more intention. I am constantly growing and becoming my own person and I’m happy that I’ve been single these past few years. Cheers to more fuck ups and excitement! 

It’s time for me to give a relationship a shot. Now if I can just find the right person! I’m going to spend this year trying to stop being such a stubborn old man when it comes to dating, and see how it goes. And unlike Sarah, more blowjobs for everyone!

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