Episode 36: Revenge of the Exes

Revenge of the Exes Episode Summary: What’s the worst thing you’ve done to an ex after a breakup? What’s the craziest stuff an ex has done to you? Sarah and Adam break down some of the more insane things each of them has done to an ex after a bad breakup – you’ll never guess…

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Episode 33: Exes and Oh-Nos

Exes and Oh-Nos Episode Summary: Is it ever okay to date your friend’s ex? Can you be friends with your ex’s friends? Sarah and Adam take this episode to outline the few times when it might be worth risking a best friend’s wrath or the potential destruction of a friendship in the wholesome pursuit of…

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Episode 3: Dealing With A Breakup

Episode 3: Sarah and Adam talk breakups and what to do once a relationship ends. Is it okay to still be friends with your ex after it is all said and done? What are some healthy ways to end a relationship? The two talk in depth about the topic and answer some dating advice questions…

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