S05E06: Avoiding the Tinder Swindler

How to Avoid People like the Tinder Swindler Summary: The new Netflix documentary “The Tinder Swindler” tells a terrifying story about how far one man will go to manipulate women, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims. But was any of this avoidable? Were there any red flags or warning signs? Sarah and…

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S02E39: From Kittenfishing to Roaching – How Good Is Your Dating Vocabulary?

Dating Terminology Episode Summary: From kittenfishing to mosting, zombieing to fauxbaeing, the terminology of modern dating is constantly evolving, and it’s not always for the better. What terms should you know? Which ones are so stupid they shouldn’t exist? Sarah and Adam dive into the 2019 dating dictionary and share the best and worst of…

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