S02 Ep06: The Friend Zone

Friend Zone Episode Summary: What is the Friend Zone? Is it a real thing or something that men use to soothe their egos when someone isn’t mutually attracted to them? Sarah and Adam dive into the misogynistic muck of the Friend Zone with some tips for ways to avoid finding yourself stranded all alone at…

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Episode 33: Exes and Oh-Nos

Exes and Oh-Nos Episode Summary: Is it ever okay to date your friend’s ex? Can you be friends with your ex’s friends? Sarah and Adam take this episode to outline the few times when it might be worth risking a best friend’s wrath or the potential destruction of a friendship in the wholesome pursuit of…

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Episode 19: Can Guys and Girls Just Be Friends?

Guys and Girls Being Friends Episode Summary: On this episode, Sarah and Adam talk about whether or not guys and girls can be friends, discuss her recent date with the Gentleman, and as always, go off on a few tangents about dating, sex, and relationships in general. This is a special episode, since we have…

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