period sex

S02E30: When Disaster Strikes In The Bedroom: How To Handle Embarrassing Situations

Mortified in Bed Episode Summary: From surprise period sex to erectile dysfunction, queefs to high kicks to the forehead, the bedroom is a place filled with fun, excitement, and way too many embarrassing stories. Are you the type to be mortified or get defensive? Or can you shrug, laugh it off, and move on? Adam…

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S02 Ep08: The Fluids Episode: Period Sex, Squirting and More!

The Fluids Episode Summary: This week, Sarah and Adam splash around in the deep end of sex, diving right in to a sticky discussion of fluids. From period sex to squirting, spitting to swallowing, golden showers to the unshowered, your hosts don’t stop until everyone’s wet. Don’t be squeamish – come get moist and check…

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