toxic masculinity

S05E20: How to be a Better Man

How To Be A Better Man Episode Summary: With Sarah traveling around Guatemala, Adam has taken over the studio, locked himself in and gone on an uninterrupted 75-minute rant. If you’re preparing your arguments for incoming mansplaining, if you’re a man who is trying to do better or if you have a man or boy…

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S05E09: Do Men Even Like Women?

Do Straight Men Actually Like Women? Do men actually like women? It’s a question being asked more and more frequently by women facing systemic misogyny and constant harassment and degradation, and after doing plenty of research, we’ve got the answer! Also this week: Sarah spills some Colombia tea, if you know what we mean, and…

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S04E13: Just Say No To Dating Coaches

Dating Coach Episode Summary: This week, Sarah and Adam tackle the tacky topic of dating coaches and relationship gurus. Don’t spend another penny or follow another poorly researched coaching tip until you listen to this episode. Also, Sarah has fun in a bus, Adam closes down a bar with a DKS listener, and more! Dating…

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