valentine’s day

S05E05: Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2022 Summary: Do we really need Valentine’s Day? This week, Sarah and Adam debate the necessity of a holiday that mandates showing affection. Does it enable toxic relationships, or is it just a nice day to show someone you care? Listen and see whose side you choose! Also in this episode: Ripley from…

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S04E03: A COVID-19 Valentine’s Day

Pandemic VD Episode Summary: Valentine’s Day puts enough of a burden on couples even before a pandemic hit – what do you do during COVID-19? Sarah and Adam talk about the reality of Valentine’s Day, ways to make the most of a commercial holiday, and how to handle the holiday if you’re single. Also in…

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S02 Ep05: Surviving Valentine’s Day

Surviving Valentine’s Day Episode Summary: Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that seems to be awful for all but a few people. People in relationships dread it or never enjoy it, single people get annoyed by it, and the question remains: Is it possible to enjoy Valentine’s Day? Sarah and Adam dive into the…

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