Episode 20: Dating After A Divorce

Dating After A Divorce Episode Summary:

This week, Adam and Sarah invite special guest Ashley, the co-founder of Brunch Speak, to join them as they talk about dating after a divorce. As always, the conversation takes the listener to some interesting places, as we talk about second-rate handjobs, new techniques for masturbation thanks to Adam’s porn fetishes, and a whole lot more!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary:
Episode 20

Dating after a Divorce

Hosts Thoughts On What It's Like Dating After A Divorce

I can’t really say much about my experience of what it’s like dating after a divorce because finding someone worth my time and getting married would have had to happen before all of that! And we all know that in itself is a huge challenge.

Since I wasn’t able to provide much insight from a female perspective, I’m glad Ashley from Brunch Speak was able to take time out of her busy dating life to sit down and discuss this topic with Adam. I think her personal experiences really ring true with other women who are going through the same thing right now (maybe even the second-rate handjob talk too) . 

I love having good guests on Dating Kinda Sucks, and Ashley was so much fun. Sarah won’t let me bring a guest on every episode because of the editing involved, but I love hearing the perspective of someone new who contributes to the dynamic that Sarah and I have.

Dating after a divorce is a topic that I’d love to revisit sometime as well. There are so many pitfalls, and so many lessons that I learned. In this episode, I learned that there are still women out there who think men want handjobs. We don’t. Ever. Just stick your tongue in our ears, slide a finger in our butts, and let us take care of business. Because while even the worst blowjob is still a great blowjob, the best handjob is still a terrible handjob. 

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