Episode 21: Dating Horror Stories

Dating Horror Stories Episode Summary:

In this episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, Sarah and Adam talk about some of the dating horror stories in the news, Sarah shares her worst dating story, and Adam talks about the time he almost got murdered, plus his weekend trying to get laid at a wedding.

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Episode 21

Dating Horror Stories

Host Thoughts On Their Own Dating Horror Stories

Oh dating horror stories! This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Without having a few “horror story worthy” experiences of my own, I don’t think I would have ever started my dating blog

Note to self: Trust your gut while swiping on dating apps. If a guy either sounds too good to be true or his photos look too nice, there’s a good chance the date is going to be a downright disaster. In the case of me getting bit on the shoulder, I survived, but I would have loved to never have had that experience happen in the first place. Glad I learned my lesson! 

I feel like one could probably do an entire podcast about dating horror stories, with episode after episode about some of the crazy shit that’s gone down for millions of people looking for love (or to get laid). 

In this episode, I talked about the time I almost got murdered. I went out on a date with a dancer I’d met at a club, and we saw Kevin Hart and had a great time. She wanted to come over and hang out after the date, but I dropped her off instead and continued my night with friends. And then, two years later, she got arrested for going out with a guy, going back to his place, and then unlocking the door for her boyfriend. He came in to rob her date, the date fought back, got shot through the leg and fell to his death. Now that’s a horror story! Here’s the picture from Timehop that reminded me about our date and spurred my decision to look her up, discovering her murderous plans:

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