Episode 22: Is It Time For Waffles?

Waffle House Episode Summary:

Sarah and Adam talk about her trip to Vegas, and do we smell Waffle House on the horizon? Plus, the two discuss the difficulties presented by being public and transparent about their lives, and analyze whether it’s worth it to potentially ruin your life by being honest in a public forum.

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Episode 22

waffle house equals sex

Host Thoughts on Sarah's Waffle House Experience:

The fear of talking about my one night stand in Las Vegas almost ended the podcast. Although I’m pretty open about dates, when it comes to my sex life and what I considered a mistake at the time, I was terrified. I called Adam at least 10 times prior to recording about how I wanted to end the podcast and I blamed the podcast for being the reason why no guy in Nashville ever wants to take me seriously.

The entire week leading up to recording and actually talking about it was an amazing experience and I’m glad that I had it. Although the sex wasn’t fantastic and a lot of crazy things happened in Las Vegas, I’m already laughing about it and moving on with my life. Funny how that happens!?! 

Oh man. The road leading up to this episode was a fucking roller coaster. Spending most of the weekend texting and talking to Sarah as she went through the emotional gamut, I knew that there were going to be some repercussions once she returned from Las Vegas.

In some ways, I feel bad. I’d been pushing her to let loose a little and get her dick wet, and then she goes and has a one-night stand and a mini breakdown as a result. In the end, though, I do believe it was good for her. Bringing up some ex-related issues, but only in relation to someone who didn’t matter beyond those few physical moments, this trip to Waffle House was one of some growth.

I’m proud of Sarah for taking the risk of being open and transparent with her story (and all of her stories), because I think it resonates with so many people, and isn’t that worth the minor, minor cost of both of our dignities?

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