Episode 25: The Anxiety of Dating

Dating Anxiety Episode Summary:

Sarah and Adam talk about some of the many issues related to dating that can lead to anxiety. Drawing from their own experiences as well as the group discussion in their Facebook group, your inimitable hosts learn that Adam’s a big weirdo as always, with bizarre dating anxiety that is completely unrelated to how anyone normal feels when it comes to dating. Plus, find out if Sarah’s curse of the bad Michaels has come to an end, or if she found herself yet another bad apple named Michael!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 25

Anxiety around dating

Host Thoughts on Dating With Anxiety

Honestly, I’m happy we did an episode about the anxiety around dating rather than a “Never Have I Ever” episode where I drink and Adam makes me answer stupid questions. Maybe another episode….actually, I know he’s going to force me to do it, so I don’t think I have much of a choice. 

There’s definitely a lot that makes me anxious about dating, but it definitely has nothing to do with meeting that person on a first date or worrying about if they are going to like me on that first date (because I really don’t care that early on). Most of my anxiety stems from once I start to get to know someone and develop feelings. It’s hard to open yourself up and be vulnerable, and once I feel a tad vulnerable that’s when my a lot anxiety starts to seep through.

If there’s anything I need to keep reminding myself, is that I have worth no matter if I’m with someone or completely alone. 

In some ways, this episode reminds me of the episode about being out of your league. If you’re confident and if you know your worth, dating is less likely to be an exercise in anxiety. Not that this means that you’ll be able to get rid of your anxiety – if it was that easy, we’d all be emotionally well-rounded instead of the quivering clusterfucks we are. But maybe you’ll be able to take the edge off if you can take a deep breath, look at yourself in the mirror, and know that you’re fucking awesome.

Ignore all my weird rants about Michael where I kept saying Elliott. You’d think that this would mean that there was a guy named Michael or Elliott from Nashville who is a compulsive liar and a fuckboy, but I’d never want any search engines to find out that a Nashville musician who was hypothetically named Michael or Elliott lied to Sarah and got her hopes up. She didn’t deserve that shit, and he deserves to have his dick punched.


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