Episode 29: Cuffing Season

Cuffing Season Episode Summary:

Sarah and Adam discuss cuffing season – that lovely time from autumn to Valentine’s Day when people link up to enjoy some intimacy and companionship over the holidays. It’s not quite casual sex, and it’s not a relationship, but it’s a weird hybrid form of dating that works for some and breaks the hearts of others. Your hosts round out the episode with some discussion of couples costumes on Halloween – should you do it or is it the lamest thing ever? 

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 29

Host Thoughts on Cuffing Season

No shock here…I love this time of year and the potential cuffing that can come along with it. My biggest problem with the phrase of “cuffing season” is the expectation I see a lot of my friends put on trying to find the one during the fall season. 

It’s okay to have a fling or two in autumn and not be in a serious relationship when you and your family get together for the holidays. Although I’d like to get serious with someone and do some really basic stuff (like sit by a fire and have a Moscow mule) I’ve come to realization that it probably won’t happen and I can still have just as fun during this season being 100% single. Now if I could just get laid, that would be great. 

I got accidentally cuffed once. We had a great fling, amazing sex, and right around the beginning of the year, when she ended things, it seemed just about right. I had never even heard of cuffing season until she mentioned it too. I think it can be nice to have intimacy, cuddle in front of the fire, and have a plus one for the holiday parties, but don’t do it with someone you see as a long-term option. That’s just going to end badly. 

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