S02 Ep02: Are You Calculating Your Body Count Correctly?

Body Count Episode Summary:

“What’s your number?” “How many people have you been with?” “How high is your body count?” This episode, Adam and Sarah explore whether or not you might be calculating the number of sexual partners all wrong this whole time! Should oral sex count? Anal? Orgasms? How do you figure out what should count towards your number, or should we just get rid of this whole idea of a body count in the first place? Listen and find out.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode Two

Host Thoughts on Calculating Your Body Count

I say it throughout this entire episode…YOUR MOUTH MATTERS! That honestly would be one thing I wish I told myself when I started dating. 

Do I think adding blowjobs to my final “body count” in necessary? No. Do I think most of the whole number thing is bullshit and a way to make women feel a certain way about who they are a human being and how they should be valued? Yes. 

For the next person who asks what my “number” is, I’m going to say 50 and see what happens (hopefully this person hasn’t listened to the podcast to all me out on my bs). 

First of all, I don’t think we should be asking people what the number of sexual partners they’ve had is, because it’s only ever used as a tool for men to shame women. But if you’re going to keep track of your number, or body count, you might as well do it correctly! My thought is that if there have been genital-on-genital or genital-in-orifice contact, that should count towards your body count. I shouldn’t just count the number of times I’ve had sex – I should count fellatio, cunnilingus, anilingus, and anal sex as well. It’s all sex! And if this means that you feel like you go from being virginal to promiscuous, who cares? There shouldn’t be any shame in it anyway. Fuck, be fucked, suck, be sucked. Just be safe and have fun.

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