YPKS: Julie Ann

Your Profile Kinda Sucks: Julie Ann

Between Sarah and Adam, your hosts have seen thousands of dating profiles. Every week (or so), they’ll be reviewing a profile that you, one of their amazing listeners, has submitted here

This week’s submission was from Julie Ann. She wrote that she was looking for the following and submitted these screenshots:

Someone fun, outgoing, family oriented, good communicator, wanting long-term dating. Spontaneous is okay to a certain extent…I’m a mom though so schedules keep life and sports in order. Want someone who values honesty, has integrity, and has some Christian values or spiritual beliefs. Kids or no kids is okay. Divorced/widowed/single okay. Attracted usually to taller 5’8 or more, dark haired, handsome. Sucker for a great smile (straight teeth). Educated. Bonus if you know your love language.

I have fun doing just about anything with good company. Tennis, canoeing, bowling, billiards, movies, wine, new restaurants, travel, live music and sporting events, etc. My love languages are: quality time and words of affirmation.

I just changed my bumble profile. I had stopped getting responses.


Sarah Headshot

Sarah Says:

I appreciate the fact that she had a full body photo and different variations of selfies without sunglasses so you could actually see her face. Where the improvements can be made are in using the photos to show parts of her personality. 

Julie says she loves to travel and do a few activities outside, so make sure you show that in the photos! I think it will give a lot more things to talk about and could amount to more matches.

In terms of selfies, I suggest maybe just one or two and then have a friend take the rest of the full body photos while out and about. With those little changes to the photos, I believe a lot more matches will come, and hopefully even better conversations on the app as well! Best of luck Julie Ann. 

Adam Adds:

I agree almost completely with Sarah and wrote down some notes that were almost identical to hers. This is designed as constructive criticism, so please take it as such, but while full-body pictures are always necessary for dating profiles, there’s nothing wrong with wearing something that flatters your figure and makes you look like the goddess of desire you want to be! Additionally, I’d recommend fewer selfies, and photos that tell a story. If you’re going to post selfies, it’s great that you didn’t use any filters, but a little maintenance before taking the pictures would be a good idea.

When it comes to content, if you’re on an app or site that allows you to have an actual profile, focus on the non-obvious requirements. Everyone wants someone who’s honest and reliable, so delete that, and maybe say something like:

“Good smile and the conversation skills to back it up? I like creative dates with someone who understands the single parent life. Be comfortable talking about life, love, and more, and we’ll get along great!”

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