S02E14: Would You Date You? An Important Question To Ask Before You Begin Dating

Would You Date You Episode Summary:

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself about dating is whether or not you’d date yourself. Not in a sense of “would you date your clone” but more like “would you date someone with your baggage, strengths, weaknesses, and issues?” If your answer is no, is that a problem? Sarah and Adam talk through the elements you need to find yourself to be a worthy candidate for dating, and maybe learn how to love yourself a little more in the process.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode Fourteen

Host Thoughts on Dating Yourself

Since recording, I’ve asked a lot of friends if they would date themselves and I got a wishy-washy “well….yeah” response.

End of the day, if it’s not a FUCK YEAH I WOULD DATE ME, then there is something on your end that needs to be worked out prior to trying to jump out there in the dating world. 

And if you did say FUCK YEAH, make sure it’s truly for the right reasons…not just because you think you’re awesome or whatever.

It can look nice on paper to be in a relationship, but when you have serious issues that need to be worked out, they will only damage everything you are trying to build with your partner. Like we talked about on the episode, I highly suggest taking the time to write down a list of things you want in a partner and see if you flipped that list around, how well you would be able to complete it. 

Just a thought.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to dating yourself, and I broke it down to four elements: physical attractiveness, emotional maturity, social ability, and sexual ability. I think it’s a great way to identify what areas you should work on, or maybe it will just help you what your weaknesses are when it comes to being an attractive potential partner to someone else. In the end, though, if you’re not willing to date yourself, why the fuck would anyone else want to?

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