S02E15: Living With Your Parents: Should You Even Try To Date?

Parents Just Don't Understand Episode Summary:

When you’re still living with your parents, dating presents a series of pitfalls, challenges, and shudder-inducing scenarios that can you make you question if it’s worth even trying. What’s the best way to navigate the world of setting boundaries with the parental units so you can still get laid on the regular? Sarah and Adam break down some of the best ways to maximize your dating experiences while living with your parents (and to a lesser degree, with roommates), and even find a few silver linings as well! 

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Fifteen

Host Thoughts on Dating While Living At Home

Living at home with your parents and trying to date is definitely challenging, I won’t say that it’s not. 

It’s not impossible to get into a relationship while living at home and you should be honest with the person you’re on a date with about your living situation. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to living at home. There is no shame it in. 

While I never lived with my parents and tried to date except in high school, I’ve dated several people who lived with parents or grandparents, and have seen how frustrating it can be. Additionally, having roommates has made it occasionally tricky when things get intimate in public spaces, too. Should you try to date if you live at home? Absolutely – just set some boundaries and if your parents push back, just be brutally honest with them until you embarrass them so much they leave you alone!

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