S02E37: Pick-Up Artists: Fiery Trash or Flaming Garbage?

Pick-Up Artistry Episode Summary:

Pick-up artists aren’t artists of any kind. They’re pathetic garbage humans who rely on bullshit ideologies and slavishly follow in the tiny shallow footsteps of losers who give themselves nicknames like “Mystery” and “Juggle” while spouting out theories on getting laid that all boil down to massive failures on a monumental level. But how do Sarah and Adam really feel about it? Listen as your Dating Kinda Sucks hosts talk about platonic cuddling, actual ways to engage with women, and why anyone who thinks pick-up artistry works is an unadulterated moron who will die alone, wondering why they never made a real connection with another human being. Enjoy!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirty-Seven

Host Thoughts on Pick-Up Artists

This honestly might be my new favorite episode. It’s crazy to me that these pick-up tactics are still being used by men and it’s also crazy to me that women don’t speak up more often to call these guys out on their BS. 

Men, do everyone a favor and stop thinking that you are so cool that you can manipulate a woman into sleeping with you. And women, let’s all do a better job of putting these hot pieces of garbage in the trash can they belong in. 

Pick-up artists are shallow pieces of shit. There’s no defensible reason for anyone to use such manipulative techniques just to get laid unless you’re a sad loser. Be an adult and learn how to have a meaningful connection with someone and you’ll understand.

What also entertains me is that if you were to approach 2400 women in a year with genuine interest and honest conversation, you’d get so many more dates than the “success” touted by pick-up artistry. It’s like if you’re an idiot like Trump who calls himself a billionaire but managed to lose more money from his dad’s multi-million dollar gift to him with his investments than if he’d just invested it in a flat interest rate every year. It’s a particular brand of idiocy and I really hope these people just die out eventually.

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