S02E36: Do Clickbait Articles Negatively Affect Your Dating Life? You’ll Have To Listen To Find Out!

Dating and Clickbaiting Episode Summary:

It’s easy to set yourself down a self-fulfilled, self-propelled black hole of dating suckage, and many times that first step begins with terrible clickbait articles that have no substance, no benefit, and no reason to exist. Sarah and Adam enjoy a bit of a rantfest this episode, talking about all of the bad advice and input that’s out there in the guise of “help with dating”, from astrology as a source of information to the types of articles that ask rhetorical questions like “Will You Be Happier If You Leave A Bad Relationship?” and “Why Are You Still Reading This Crap?” Plus, Adam might have changed his mind about theme parks, Sarah’s hornier than a teenage boy in heat, and more!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirty-Six

Host Thoughts on Astrology, Dating, and Clickbait

I do think this episode was a bit different from how we normally approach dating topics. Although I love looking at my horoscope from time to time, I do know that at the end of the day, I am responsible for my actions and how I respond and feel about things. My sign does not equal my true worth/destiny. 

Sarah thought this episode was a little ranty, but I think sometimes you just have to rant about the stupid bullshit in the world. Use astrology to make yourself feel better if you want, but it’s the same nonsense as going to church. And you shouldn’t rely on either of those things when it comes to finding a relationship. 

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