S03E05: How Much Sexual History Does Your Partner Need To Know?

Sexual History Episode Summary:

Do you owe it to your partner or significant other to divulge your entire sexual history? When is a good time to talk about the dirty dick dalliances of bygone days? Should you provide the prurient particulars of past passionate poundings? How many details are too many? What are the risks involved when it comes to racy recollections? Adam and Sarah give you their thoughts on when you should or shouldn’t share the most intimate details of your life with the person you love. 

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Five

Sexual History: What Should You Share?

Host Thoughts on Sharing Your Sexual History

In the past I wanted to know everything about the person I was dating, but now I think it’s important to wait until the time is right to address sexual history. It’s not something you share with everyone, just something you share with individuals that you trust. 

As I said on the episode, I think it’s very important to be transparent and very honest. It’s important to me that my partner tells me about their sexual history, and I’ll be sharing all of mine. I think it builds a level of deep trust that is extremely important. I know that there are risks if you have a toxic partner or someone abusive who will use that information against you, but in an ideal situation and healthy relationship, you can share your past and it will only serve to strengthen your relationship.

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