S03E09: Good Guys vs. Nice Guys

The Nice Guy Episode Summary:

This week, we’re calling out the nefarious nice guy. On first blush, he might seem better than the creepy asshole who sends you a dick pic and tells you he wants you to sit on his face in his first message, but it doesn’t take long to realize that the nice guy facade hides an entire wealth of dangerous insecurities, toxic behaviors, and misogynistic mentalities. How do you know if someone is a genuine good guy or a “nice guy”? Listen and find out! Also in this episode: Sarah gets past date 5 (wow!), Adam talks about sportsball, and someone needs a prescription for that D.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Nine

What's the difference between a good guy and a nice guy?

Host Thoughts on Good Guys and Nice Guys

I thought of something related to Sarah’s discussion about women and flipping the script. Nice guys become friends with women expecting sex as payment for their friendship. Some women have sex with men expecting a relationship as payment for sex. Those are not the same, and I contend that even if you flip the script, those women are not the ones to blame and the men are still the bad actors in the scenario.

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