S03E10: Coronavirus: Dating During A Pandemic

Coronavirus Episode Summary:

We never thought we’d be doing an episode on the challenges of dating during a time when society at large is being told to stay at home and avoid socializing with other humans thanks to a pandemic of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). Many people are insisting on going out, meeting up, and being social, but is it that necessary right now when it puts people with compromised immune systems at risk, as well as the elderly? We offer some alternative ways to date during this pandemic, some warning signs you might be talking to a f*ckboy, and even explore a few of the benefits of social distance dating. Also: Sarah and the doctor, a financial dominatrix and her dilemma, and Adam and his right hand.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Ten

Coronavirus and Dating

Host Thoughts on Pandemic Dating

Be safe out there people, but most importantly be smart about dating if you choose to do so. If you don’t have anxiety about the coronavirus right now, and feel comfortable meeting someone in person, pick a place where you’re less likely to get exposed…wash your hands and also think twice about kissing this person on the first date. Just my two cents. Personally, I’m ending my dating career currently and focusing on social distancing myself as much as I can. 

I’d rather be safe and stay inside than risk transmitting a disease to an elderly person or someone whose immune system is compromised. But I’m sure after a week or so, I’ll be ready to get out of the house too. Maybe there’s a way to be careful without being completely isolated, and maybe things are going to get a lot worse before they get better! I honestly don’t know.

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