S03E28: How To Give Great Gifts

Gift Giving Episode Summary:

Finding the right gift for a friend, partner, lover, or f*ck buddy can be difficult – it takes good listening, open communication, observation skills, and some good old-fashioned luck! Your hosts will give you some great tips for finding that perfect gift for someone who matters to you. Also in this episode, Sarah discusses having an al-fresco Thanksgiving, Adam’s being a Grinch, and both your hosts have OnlyFans accounts??!?

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Twenty-Eight

Host Thoughts on Giving Gifts

Giving gifts always seems to be a tad complicated for me…maybe that’s also because I wait until the last minute. When it comes to buy for a partner, understand if this is something very important for them. Do they like surprises? What are their thoughts on experience gifts vs physical items? Have this conversation now so you won’t be stuck days before you need a gift. 

I am a total Grinch. But I do love giving gifts when I’m in the mood! Hopefully this episode will give listeners some ideas on ways to give the people they love gifts (or experiences) that they’ll love! (And visit http://www.OnlyFans.com/avitable if you dare.)

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