S03E25: What is the Role of Social Media in Relationships?

Social Media and Relationships Episode Summary:

From being Facebook official to simply being Facebook friends, social media has added a modern complication to relationships. When should you add your significant other on FB? Does your boyfriend follow your finsta? Does your f*ckbuddy favorite your tweets? We’ll break down the healthiest way to incorporate social media into your relationship! Also in this episode, Sarah talks about love in the air, Adam goes on some dates for once, and your hosts talk about the psychological ramifications of your choice of profile photo.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Twenty-Five

Host Thoughts on Relationships and Social Media

I think it’s important to at least post that you’re in a relationship on social media and allow your partner to view your social media accounts. Like we discussed on this episode, what you post on social is a version of yourself. If you won’t allow the person you’re dating to see that, then that becomes a bigger issue. 

If you’re not willing to have your significant other on your social media, either you’re being shady or they’re shitty. There’s no other way to look at it.

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