first date

Fifty First Date Ideas You Should Always Say No To

After someone in the Dating Kinda Sucks Facebook group talked about a first date she had that involved going out on a boat with the person she’d just met, I decided it was time to write a post about terrible first date ideas. These are the first date suggestions that should make you run as…

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S02 Episode 1: The Perfect First Date

The Perfect First Date Episode Summary Welcome to Season Two of Dating Kinda Sucks! Sarah and Adam debunk some of the terrible ideas people (and clickbait websites) have for first dates and talk about what makes a first date perfect. What do you talk about? Where should you go? (Hint: not a corn maze). Do…

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Episode 4: Dos And Don’ts On A First Date

Episode 4: Sarah and Adam go over what to do and what not to do on a first date. Should you have sex with someone on a first date? Is there a right way to go about messaging another person on a dating app? The two answer questions and share personal stories related to this…

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