male privilege

S05E20: How to be a Better Man

How To Be A Better Man Episode Summary: With Sarah traveling around Guatemala, Adam has taken over the studio, locked himself in and gone on an uninterrupted 75-minute rant. If you’re preparing your arguments for incoming mansplaining, if you’re a man who is trying to do better or if you have a man or boy…

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S04E17: Male Privilege: Myth or Reality?

Male Privilege Episode Summary: What is male privilege? Does it exist at all, or is it a fantasy crafted by women who just want men to show some f**kin’ empathy? You can probably guess what direction this episode will take, but you may be surprised! Also in this episode: Sarah plans the next stage of…

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S03E03: Male Audacity: What Women Don’t Want

The Audacity of Men Episode Summary: In this week’s episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, Sarah and Adam talk about the audacity of men. What is it that drives them to objectify women, mansplain, and violate boundaries on a regular basis, even unintentionally? Are there inherent behaviors and systemic beliefs that encourage and foster this behavior…

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