Episode 32: The One About Orgasms

Orgasm Episode Summary:

This week, Sarah and Adam take a trip to O-town, and we’re not talking about Orlando. Everything orgasm-related is on the table, from the different types of female orgasms, the G-spot, prostate orgasms, and more. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll laugh. But you’ll definitely enjoy this sex-filled episode!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 32

Host Thoughts on Orgasms

I’ve been slut-shamed a lot recently and I’m honestly getting sick and tired of it. So…I felt it was time to talk again about sex and explore the topic of orgasms and (most importantly) the female orgasm. My first relationship was all about how he felt in the bedroom and it really changed my perspective on allowing myself to experience an orgasm for a really long time. Super happy that part of my life is over and I now experience orgasms (almost) all of the time. If for whatever reason you’re not reaching an orgasm while having sex with another person, be selfish and demand they take care of you. It’s the least you could do for yourself, and you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself if you don’t get off. 

I like orgasms, but I like giving them almost as much as I enjoy getting them. When you’re a guy, it’s easy to have an orgasm, so if I’m with someone I really like, I’d rather put the effort in with them and worry about me later. This episode was a fun one, and I didn’t even get to shock Sarah with anything. I think that she’s going to be unshockable before too long. 

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