S02E31: The Generation Gap: Does Dating Change for Different Age Groups?

Generation Gap Dating Episode Summary:

Does someone in their forties have a harder time dating than someone in their twenties? Are there new challenges that arise (as well as other things that don’t rise to the occasion) the older we get? How much does age play into one’s success in dating, and is it more about the year we were born or just our emotional maturity? Sarah and Adam bridge the generational gap with a surprisingly difficult discussion about what age has (or doesn’t have) to do with finding love.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirty-One

Host Thoughts on How Age Affects Dating

As we started talking more and more about this topic, it became clear that it’s more of an issue of maturity and what you’ve already experienced in life. I’ve dated people in their early to mid 30s who had no plan and had no idea how to act in a relationship. I’ve also dated people in their mid 20s that were mature and wanted commitment. It’s not as much about the age, as it is about the person you’re seeing and their goals for the future. 

As I said in the episode, I think the difficulty one will have with dating has a lot less to do with your actual age and a lot more to do with how long you’ve been navigating the world of dating, sex and relationships, as well as how much time you’ve spent working on yourself. I may have had different challenges dating in my twenties that I do today, but most of that had to do with my insecurities, immaturity, and the lack of technology when I was younger. I wouldn’t trade my current situation for the world.

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