S02E32: How To Know That First Date Should Be The Last Date

First Date Red Flags Episode Summary:

When dating, we all want the same thing: a first date that will lead to a second date, and then more dates, and then a healthy relationship. The reality is that most first dates aren’t going to get that far, and knowing when your first date with someone should also be your last date with them can save you time, effort, and emotional energy. Sarah and Adam get into the reasons to consider a second date, and the reasons not to. From red flags to listening to your gut, your hosts will help you make the most out of good dates and cut your losses with the first dates that have no potential.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode Thirty-Two

Host Thoughts on First Dates That Should Be Last Dates

Rule #1: If you aren’t having fun, don’t ask for a second one (date).

Rule #2: If you feel as though you’re not being yourself or feel off around this person, it’s probably a sign that the compatibility isn’t there…and that’s okay!

There is no shame in pointing out when things aren’t going well and calling it quits early on (sometimes even as early as the first 30 mins of the date). Stop thinking you’re going to die alone if this date doesn’t go well. And stop overcomplicating the situation. If you like this person, see them again. If you don’t or feel blah about them, don’t bother meeting up for a second date.

See, as easy as that! 

It’s not all about red flags. There might be nothing wrong with the person with whom you went on a first date, but unless you’re feeling “fuck yeah” about it, don’t waste your time with a second date. Any feelings that grow from continuing to ignore your gut feeling and dating will just be out of complacency and comfort and won’t be sustainable for a long-term relationship.

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